Sports Bars

Fun Ways to Enjoy A Night Out

We’ve all been there. We’ve had the urge to go out at night after a long day of work and sat there completely clueless as to where to go. You may have a regular bar or restaurant that you frequent or maybe you are part of a bowling team so you often spend a night a week being part of a league. Variety is the spice of life so why not liven up your local stomping grounds and find some new and fun ways to spend your nights out?

Determining where to go can be as simple as stepping out of your comfort zone. Do you like sports and trying new things but are intimidated by them also? You can enjoy a night out doing a sport like activity without actually having to join a team or get to competitive. Bowling is a fun way to pass the time. This can be done alone, as a couple or as a group outing. No one has to be a professional bowler to enjoy a night at the bowling alley. You can even see this as an opportunity to make new friends and strike up conversation with the people bowling near you.

Maybe bowling isn’t quite your activity but you enjoy golfing a little bit. You can go to a put-put golf course and enjoy the fun lights and moving obstacles. You can also go to a local driving range and hit a few golf balls outside under the bright lights. There are also fun indoor places like top golf that feature indoor driving ranges. Some are inside domes and you use real balls and experience the driving range indoors. Others use arcade style machines where you are watching a monitor and swinging with a gaming device that is similar to a golf club. These places often also feature food and drinks. This is a great group outing that can last for hours.

Gaming places such as Dave and Busters also have the market pegged for adult evening entertainment. Adults can cut loose and let their inner child out while enjoying the company of other adults. Gaming places like this become 21 and over after a certain time. The restaurant features adult friendly foods and cocktails and you and your friends can enjoy playing a wide range of video games that will leave you nostalgic from your youth.

Other fun group outings that cater to singles, couples and crowds include indoor go-kart facilities and indoor sky dive experiences. These are fun activities that often have a restaurant on site as well. You can partake in a bit of excitement and then sit down and relax with some friends. Many of these sports bar type entertainment establishments feature large televisions; drink and food specials and sometimes you can catch a little live entertainment. A great way to follow nightly promotions is to sign up for email promotions or follow your favorite establishments on social media. This will leave you in the know when it’s time to go enjoy a night out with friends and loved ones.