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Best WiFi Network Name Ideas

I’m sure you’ve seen a million lists of people with their ever so clever WiFi network names… well, I figured I wouldn’t just let them have all the fun, so I thought I would throw some suggestions into this arena. Some will be genius, some will be average, some will make you question your humanity and everything you stand for… but most importantly… they are ALL just ideas for you to enjoy.

  1. Anything in Russian – Literally anything in Russian letters will make all of your neighbors verrrry suspicious and it will be hilarious… also I suggest you leave it unlocked. Only a fool would connect to a WiFi network with a Russian name, but I bet some of your neighbors will try.
  2. AlexaPleaseFart – Alexa has a feature where she will fart if you ask her to, so why not do it every time someone new asks for your WiFi password. You’re also probably going to get a few of your neighbor’s Alexa’s with this one.
  3. LOREM IPSUM – Call it LOREM IPSUM, the standard for placeholder text in design. Maybe even do the whole Lorem Ipsum first sentence. Why not? Most routers can handle long names. I do not suggest having the password also set to Lorem Ipsum, because that would be the first thing I would try if I saw that network name.
  4. 14159265359 – Okay, I know that this one is kind of hard to memorize and explain to others, but think of it this way, you’ll probably end up saying it enough times that you’ll eventually memorize it for sure. Keep adding more digits to memorize more and more of it. Pretty soon you’ll be the resident Pi expert, which is a great bit of trivia to know on March 14th, a day that can score you some pie at select locations for knowing the number. See?! Now I’m helping you get pie too!
  5. “HELP ME” – This one might cause a bit of a fuss if you live in an apartment building, but could also be pretty hilarious. This, in some ways, feels like a cry for help that must be underspoke, like when someone who is with their kidnapper has to communicate with the outside world. Everyone that walks by your house will think that, and you’ll just be enjoying your day. Such beautiful irony.
  6. “Spectrum WiFi” – Spectrum internet offers a service where in some public areas, you can connect to spectrum WiFi just because you have a Spectrum account. What if you called your network Spectrum WiFi and made people believe they could use it. Then of course you lock it with your own password, and people keep trying to connect to it the way they would at any other location and it just doesn’t work. You might even cause a few customer service phone calls. If anything, you’re just offering a valuable training opportunity for Spectrum customer support, because there is no way they’ll be able to explain what is happening.

I think that should get you started. I have a bunch of ideas left, maybe I’ll do another version of this later. In the meantime, I’m taking my show on the road, I am going to get a WiFi hotspot like this one, and broadcast my hilarious WiFi names in public places. See you in the wild!

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