Your Tips to Visit the Nude Bar

If you are an occasional customer of nude bars, understanding and exploiting the unspoken rules and club etiquette will make you enjoy more and better. In order to improve your experience as a consumer, you need to avoid these common mistakes that can waste your money or get mediocre customer service.

Pay attention to these tips and you will improve the chances of having a good time with fun strippers (you already understand me).

Bring Your Girlfriend That If She Doesn’t Want To Be There

It’s the saddest thing to see in nude bar miami, the reluctant woman. She doesn’t look at the stripers, has her arms crossed and is clearly uncomfortable in the club. Only bring your girlfriend if she has been in nude bars before or if she suggests it to you.

Do you really want to be the one she associates with her first (only) traumatic visit? None of the strippers will talk to you and you will have a terrible time.

Buy Something That Isn’t Worth It With A Group, Like A Bachelor Party

If you are going to go with a party, the club could offer you a great VIP offer that is almost certainly not worth it. Most likely, they will take you somewhere where the hosts bring you “the best girls,” that is, those who tip the hosts.

Then you are missing much of the talent of the club. And don’t buy one of those stupid and expensive stage dances where strippers hit the single.

Don’t Ask The Rules

If you are new to the club, asking about the rules can save you confusion and potential discomfort, such as when a dancer punishes you for not tipping on the stage or asking you what is wrong if you keep your hands still.

I know a guy who jumped in terror of being expelled when a dancer sat on his lap because he was used to strict prohibited contact clubs. You don’t want to react with surprise when a stripper sits on your lap.

Unable To Say “No” And Instead Make Excuses

It’s very sweet that club clients don’t want to make dancers feel rejected. But “maybe later,” “I’m waiting for a friend,” “I’m married,” or “I’m just here to have a drink.”

Think of them as waitresses; If you don’t need anything, a “No, thanks” will be enough. Your feelings will not be hurt, and will not bother you again later.

Do Not Ask For Prices First

There are customers who refuse to pay. The problem is that sometimes the club usually takes customers without discussing prices, then they told customers that they owed very inflated amounts and relied on the intimidation factor of the goalkeepers to pay.

Avoid being the target of suspicious women or exceeding the budget by always asking what the price is in advance.

Using The Phone Near The Stage

Once, a dancer saw a flash explode while on stage. She grabbed the client’s phone and threw it on the floor. Apparently, he had his iPhone set to flash alerts, which makes the phone emit bursts of light instead of alert tones.

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