Building Songs from Production Samples

Every songwriter knows there are still many ways to approach songwriting, no matter what path digital music technology takes. But your digital workstation can help energize and enhance creative processes, especially if your style is to produce music based on samples and music loops. Here are ideas for crafting new songs in your digital studio. […]


Your Employees Could Use a Good Talk

There are many reasons why your business might be considering hiring a motivational speaker. You might be trying to go after new goals for your company, making some big changes, or just trying to motivate your team to succeed. While many companies choose to have members of their executive teams talk to their staff, having […]


Escape the Escape Room and Feel Success

Grab a bunch of friends with different abilities and experience the awe of an escape room. Escape rooms have popped up in almost every major city and even little towns as well. An escape room is an easy attraction to create for people looking for something to do after or before a few drinks on […]


Escape Rooms Offer Team Building Fun for Everyone

Escape Rooms have gotten incredibly popular over the last several years as a form of entertainment for the whole family. These interactive experiences offer people the chance to play through a live action puzzle that mixes trivia with real-world problem-solving skills. Escape Rooms can be found all throughout the country and in every major city […]


Rent Equipment for Your Next Party

Throwing a party is something that most people will do at least once a year and they always want it to be successful. They want their guests to have a good time and enjoy the atmosphere as well as all of the food that is served. Planning for a party will take some time but […]


Team Building for Any Office

Team building for any office or company must be done in efficient ways that make the exercises enjoyable for their staff. A company that is trying to help grow their teams should plan something that they believe works best for their people given their personalities, and they need to have fun while doing this. You […]


Escaping Your Mundane Routine Activity

Friends may get together on a regular basis, and they look for something that they can do. Happy hour is a thing that many friends participate in after work, but sometimes they may want to switch things up. They may want a chance to hang out with buddies and engage in a manner that is […]


Getting The Most Out Of Your Next Party

When you need to host a party for any type of affair, you want it to be the best that it can. Your guests should enjoy both the food and the entertainment that you provide. Planning for a large party will take a lot of time and effort on your part. You should carefully choose […]


Merits of Live bands in an Event

Since ancient times, people never appreciated live bands, but in the recent past, live bands have grown famous. People have embraced to listen to live bands. Traditionally, live music was really appreciated but lost the intensity along the way. However, it has regained its popularity. Weddings and birthday parties are the most common events that […]

Sports Bars

Fun Ways to Enjoy A Night Out

We’ve all been there. We’ve had the urge to go out at night after a long day of work and sat there completely clueless as to where to go. You may have a regular bar or restaurant that you frequent or maybe you are part of a bowling team so you often spend a night […]