How to choose a midi dress to enhance your body shape

Choosing outfits for your body shape can be a dispiriting experience for anyone.

Deciding on a style that flatters your shape and self esteem can be overwhelming. The positive thing about modern day fashion is the choices available out there. In earlier times, women were restricted by traditions, values and peer pressure.

Midi dresses, for example, created great controversy in bygone decades according to The Atlantic.

With the festival season fast approaching, here is your ultimate guide to grasping which styles and trends work with your own body shape.

Midi dresses

The midi dress can be described as elegantly classic. With graceful attributes, this comeback length, kisses the calf and exhibits the best of all styles. It is a sophisticated, sexy and grown-up choice to wear, day or night.

There are lots of midi style dresses to flatter your shape and you can find inspiration here

So what is your body shape?

Pear – Narrow bust with wider hips and bottom

Draw attention to your waist and choose a dark colour for the bottom half whilst contrasting the top half. Patterned dresses paired with high necklines are the perfect choice for pear shapes. Creating the impression of a full bust and drawing attention to your midriff.

Hourglass – Narrow waist with larger bust and hips

Show off your curves and maximise your tiny waist by choosing a fitted style. Emphasise your neckline and create that perfect silhouette. A brightly coloured dress will really lengthen your glorious hourglass contour. Keep it simple with a front wrap number and accentuate those stunning curves. Less is usually more with this style.

Rectangle – Create your own curves.

Opting for dresses which cinch in the waist and choose dresses with shoulder details. A fitted waist and flared hem can show off those long pins!

Apple – The fuller figure.

Create an elongated look and embrace your figure. A crossover sleeveless midi accentuates your bust, lengthens your figure and flattens the midriff area. An interesting neckline draws attention to the top half and an empire line will highlight your curves. Flaunt your fuller figure and be proud to show it off!

There are hundreds of styles to choose from and the midi should be everyone’s staple item.

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